"La polvere non dura, perche' Threshold la cattura!"
--cosi' disse Spolverine.
"The dust won't last, 'cos Threshold catches it fast!"
--so Spolverine said.


Various Scripts for GNU/Linux

Debian Package paultt-tools

Graphics / Themes / Icons

Enlightenment 17:

E17 Default theme PTT v2 with windows buttons on the left - for e17 GIT 20161027+
Terminology PTT theme - GIT 20161027+

Animated icon for Firefox (black themed fox)
Animated icon for MPlayer (based on default mplayer icon)
Dinamically updating calendar icon (images by me, font is DejaVu Sans)
iMac style terminal animated icon (using Terminal Replacement Icon)
Gtick animated icon replacement (using images from Free Metronome Online)
A red USB generic animated icon (using red icons from iconica project)


Improved Night Impression Dark theme for gtk-2.0 - PTT Version

LibreOffice Breeze like theme - light icons for dark backgrounds
(copy to /usr/lib/libreoffice/share/config/images_revbreezeptt.zip)


E17 Simply Dark Theme - PTT Version 2.4.4 - for e17 SVN 58707+
Aqua theme for Enlightenment 16 - PTT Version 2
Aqua theme for Eterm >= 0.9.4 - PTT Version 2
Aqua/Panther Metallic theme for gtk-2.0 - PTT Version 2
Aqua theme for Mozilla 1.6/1.7 - PTT Version (click here to install)
Matrix green style XScreenSaver (4.24) login theme

Linux kernel

(Apply with patch -p1 < patch_filename from within kernel source dir)

A patch to change boot penguin logo(s) to debian penguin(s)
Kernel version >= 4.17.1
Kernel version >= 2.6.31 (including 3.x and 4.x series)


Airport Extreme/Broadcom 43xx led blink patch
A patch to enable PowerBook G4 led blink when receiving packets,
for bcm43xx driver (applies to rev.1068 as of Jan 17th, 2006)

Enable PowerBook G4 bcm43xx led blink with led_trigger support (kernel
Defaults with a lower RTS_THRESHOLD value (kernel

Airport/Orinoco monitor mode + blink patches
A patch to enable iBook led blink in monitor mode Airport modules (see below)
(Note: it enables only BLINK config option in kernel .config for drivers below)
Monitor mode Airport modules (ver 0.13e-ptt)
Monitor mode Airport modules (ver 0.13e-ptt2) (Kernel
Monitor mode Airport modules (ver 0.13e-ptt3) (Kernel
Monitor mode Airport modules (ver 0.13e-ptt4) (Kernel
Monitor mode Airport modules (ver 0.13e-ptt5) (Kernel
Enable Orinoco led blink with led_trigger support in kernel (w/driver above :))


Asdbget - PTT version 0.9.5
(added DATE(L) field type and support for V7RxM0)
Asdbget - PTT version 0.9
(added BINARY field type and some escaped xml chars)

fetchmail - patch to remove from the server messages older than n days (IMAP only)

LibGTK 2/3 - patches to force gtkfilechooser to show only mounted volumes:
libgtk 2.20+ - libgtk 3.24+

IntraEncoder - a java checker for intra file SCAMBI.CEE

Printer Status webmin module - directly enables/disables selected printers

Xpdf_3.0.4-ptt1 debian package - with added option for side panel width

PTTMail - a command line mailer utility

pttXwm (0.5.1) - A simple Xen web management interface
(original code by sut123 (ubuntuforums post)) pttXwm 0.4.0-rc1

Pythm 0.5.1-ptt - A lite media player in python

pttsavsplf - iSeries V5R4 SAVF containing zsavsplf/zrstsplf - PTT version 2

Bolfat - jar - last version

Fiere - zip - last version

Older (currently unmantained or obsolete) Code

MPlayer's patches

(already in official released version of MPlayer, please use that one or SVN)

Adds -title and -use-filename-title options to mplayer, to set movie window title (in SVN since 2009/11/12)
Adds audio switching OSD visualization (in SVN since 2006/10/12)
Adds option -endpos to mplayer executable (in SVN since 2006/09/25)
Make Xv output always visible, even with translucent window (deprecated)

xcompmgr ptt version (2.2.)4
(07/12/21: very much better identification of dialogs/transient wins,
now defaults to CompClientShadows, changed version numbering too)
xcompmgr ptt version 2.2.3
(07/06/15: better identification of transient wins and e17's shelfs now have always a shadow)
xcompmgr ptt version 2.3
(07/06/02: shadow not rendered for fullscreen windows - works with 1280x854 res) (deprecated)
xcompmgr ptt version 3b
(07/03/28: dialogs remains opaque + shadow only under solid windows)

Performous - patch to enable sort of intelligence on player selection by instrument

Pbbuttonsd - deb's of ptt's acpi+amd64 version of pbbuttons

freetalk - patch removing annoying reception of extended status message from buddies

GtkAmp2 - a frontend to amp, an MP3 player

pttdial - a command line dialer for Windows®

Openmoko Freerunner

Various Stuff for Openmoko Freerunner

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