Pythm - a lite media player written in python

Pythm is a project by Matthias Hans
The version available here is my particular modified one, based on 0.5.1 by Matthias... enjoy!

Also available here as a git tree, thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko!

Screenshots from version 0.5.1-ptt5 (current is -ptt11):

browse tab

playlist tab

config tab

play tab

playlist when playing


Download the ipk package:

Download the code:
Version 0.5.1-ptt11 (Mar 30, 2009)
Version 0.5.1-ptt8 (Mar 13, 2009)

Read the Changelog

ptt's open TODO list

  • connect to dbus and pause when there's an incoming call
    (how can i do that with qtopia phone?)
  • enable multiple row selection in pagelist (with click only)
  • doesn't trigger e17 dialog anymore --> error in
  • something was done --> make coverart loading less system heavy

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