"'ste cazzo di ritmiche!!!"
--cosi' disse Vins.
"those fuckin' rhythms!!!"
--so Vins said.

A little documentation....

Configuring an LPD Output Queue for IBM iSeries/400

Client Access/iSeries Access automatic connection to iSeries

Configuring JavaTM Default System Properties for IBM iSeries/400

Example File for Client-Access-like keyboard configuration for iSeries/400 emulator tn5250 for Linux.
(copy it to /usr/local/share/tn5250/XTerm, or /usr/share/tn5250/XTerm, depending by yr dist)
Example File for tn5250 emulator in console (text only) mode.
(You'll have to load it with loadkeys)

METO printer mode configuration for iSeries

Setting up a VPN with freeswan - fast path

Tweaking Winzozzz


Source file example for /etc/apt/sources.list (Italian mirror)

Example file for /etc/apt/apt.conf to use stable and testing version together

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