"'ste cazzo di ritmiche!!!"
--cosi' disse Vins.
"those fuckin' rhythms!!!"
--so Vins said.

A little documentation....

Configuring an LPD Output Queue for IBM iSeries/400

Client Access/iSeries Access automatic connection to iSeries

Configuring JavaTM Default System Properties for IBM iSeries/400

Example File for Client-Access-like keyboard configuration for iSeries/400 emulator tn5250 for Linux.
(copy it to /usr/local/share/tn5250/XTerm, or /usr/share/tn5250/XTerm, depending by yr dist)
Example File for tn5250 emulator in console (text only) mode.
(You'll have to load it with loadkeys)

METO printer mode configuration for iSeries

Tweaking Winzozzz


Source file example for /etc/apt/sources.list (Italian mirror)

Example file for /etc/apt/apt.conf to use stable and testing version together

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