"Tu ciai l'influenza dei Paul!!!"
--cosi' disse Andrewix ('Hendrix').
"You've got the Pauls' flu!!!"
(the Italian word for chickens is "polli",
so Paul is spoken very similarly)
--so Andrewix ('Hendrix') said.

Why FaceBook is Dangerous

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JIRSA - roleplay mastering application

CdViA - Compagnia de' Viaggiatori in Arme

La Compagnia de' Viaggiatori in Arme - Il Libro

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eBooks@Adelaide: Free Web Books - Classic Literature, Science, History, ...
(University of Adelaide)

a simple test.

Nate Carlson's HOWTO configure a VPN tunnel beetwen FreeSwan and Windows

iSeries printers/outqs configurations:
IBM printers configs page
IBM MFRTYPMDL and QWP* *WSCST reference page
IBM recommended queue names for RMTOUTQ lasers

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